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  • Welcome to MyPellissippi
  • MyPellissippi is a secure portal that provides students, faculty and staff both Intranet and Internet services and allows them to stay connected to all things related to their role at Pellissippi State. It also provides easy access to online courses, grades, campus announcements and more. Click here to learn more.

    A common goal within the College is to provide information with ease of access, so we are pleased to reveal recent developments to myPellissippi that will allow for a more personalized experience for students.

    When logging in to myPellissippi, students will be provided with customized information related to their educational goals. An alert box will offer a quick view of any items that require action by the students, including holds, financial aid requirements, account balance, and more. Personal information, such as contact information, major, and advisor, appears on the right-hand side of the screen. Additional resources can be found at the bottom of the page including links to various departments, as well as instant access to student related tasks.

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